Become a member and show your love for Virginia!


What happens when you become a member?

When you become a member of Keep Virginia Cozy, you are making an investment in your neighborhood, your parks, your city, and our gorgeous state!

What you’ll be getting as a member: A brand new Keep Virginia Cozy shirt of your choice. (go to our apparel page and select the one you want!) You’ll receive a few stickers! (for your water bottle, car, fridge, laptop, anywhere you’d like to stick them!) You’ll also be listed, if you would like to be, on our partners page! We will also give a thank you on all our social media channels, so everyone knows that YOU have decided to take the next step and help keep our public lands COZY for everyone else!

These are great opportunities for businesses as well as individuals! And who doesn’t like the feeling of knowing they are helping make the world a better place?!

So go ahead, take the next step, help support our public lands and feel great about where your dollars go! And when people ask you about that new shirt…or the sticker on your water bottle…you can smile and say that you’ve helped our public lands become a more COZY place for EVERYONE!


Individual: One time donation of $100

Business/Corporation: One time donation of $250

Business/Corporation Sustainer: Yearly donation of $500 — This includes one Trashy Tuesday to be held at the location of your choosing! You will also be listed and tagged in each of our social media postings, which will bring more awareness to your involvement and support of our efforts and YOUR community!

Click here to become a member! Be sure to let us know what size shirt you wear!